Resume Preparation

CV and Resume Preparation Service

9/10 Resumes that we receive completely misses the mark in terms of the candidate presenting themselves, their experience and what they are looking for, effectively!

The ability to distil the essence of what a role involves even if it is your role, needs to be visualised from an external perspective looking in, with objectivity, clarity, cohesiveness and succinctness and communicated such that even a ‘lay-person’ could understand. Our experience is that candidates’, naturally so, are too close to what they do, to do this successfully. 

In addition, one needs to take ‘experience’ and tailor it to the requirements for a specific role so that the natural transition to the role is obvious or the contribution that can be made is clear. Alternatively, if one is unsure what the next role will be then thought needs to go into what the candidate would like the next role to be (ideally it should represent the next logical step) and the resume needs to present skills, experience and personality within the resume to make clear the suitability of the candidate for such a role.

It’s become clear to us that most candidates don’t have the skill to do this for themselves. It makes sense then, as we have done 1000’s of resumes for candidates, why we are best placed to offer this service to you!


1. We; are at the Coalface!

Other Resume / CV preparation companies try to anticipate what WE, Head-hunters & Recruiters are looking for in a resume and they attempt to deliver that to you. But wouldn't you like to know from exactly the people you want to impress, US, what WE look for? Better still, wouldn't you like us to create this document for you since no one else knows better than we do, because we live and breathe this business each day, not just talking the talk but walking the walk in preparing resumes AND finding employment for candidates.

2. Deep Dive Research

At the basis of Executive Search is Research. We possess this core skill and we use it to research your market, your prospective employers' markets to understand the skills sets they want, value and are keen to secure. We take this knowledge and use it as the backbone to showcase how your skills align.

3. Behavioural Profiling

We don't take for granted that the way you appear at 'face value' is exactly who you are! We are keen to know how you behave when the chips are down and your back to the wall. To that end, we include with all our resume preparation, administration of a Psych profiling tool to understand who you are. Are you leadership material, what is your style of management? Fore armed is forewarned and we would rather know upfront before a prospective employer administers their own profiling tools. Would you like to know as well? The value of this tool alone is $300 and its included free when we prepare your resume.

4. Trust and Integrity

Executive Search is based on trust and integrity. Clients work with us on a retained basis which signifies mutual trust. YOU can be assured of our Confidentiality and our focus on delivering outstanding quality. We treat you, as a candidate, with the same respect as we do our clients.

5. Hunters NOT Farmers

It's no coincidence we are called 'Head-hunters'! We know what it takes to hunt and conquer, it's our bread & butter. We know how to position & 'sell' your skills as someone with an edge, someone to be reckoned with. Others may think they know how to 'sell', we do it and we can help you to be the prize so that no other candidate eats your lunch!

6. Strategic Competencies

We assess your prospective role, distilling the key performance indicators and work with you to isolate strategic examples within your experience which illustrates your competencies unequivocally in these areas making your resume specific and targeted.

7. Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with the resume we create for you, or aspects of it, we will re-do it to ensure your complete satisfaction with our output.

8. Ongoing Support

We want to build a partnership with you and as your career goals and positions evolve we are happy to offer you a reduced cost for subsequent support your might need from us as you escalate in your career.


We offer a premium service using our breadth of experience for your advantage.

If you value quality, focused one-on-one service, dedicated support and you expect the best, then we are the perfect fit for you. If you are prepared to invest in the most significant person in your life, yourself, then we need to talk!

Our prices start at $450 for mid-senior level resumes. Our price for Executive Level resumes requires significant market research, time and consideration in addition to all the facets described above. Prices begin at $700. Don’t hesitate to call us to discuss this further.


One on one, face to face initial consultation to clarify your career goals & aspirations, using competency / behavioural interviewing techniques to understand your motivators, drivers as well as strengths and limitations. Discussion around your KPI's in past roles and talking through key examples of work done. Usually taking between 1.5-2 hours.

An external profile company will administer a Behavioural profile which you complete online to ascertain inherent behaviours, style, adaptations and suitability for a specific type of role/s nominated by you. The results are analysed by this external company which then sends us your report.

A discussion with you on your DISC behavioural profile results and what it means for you career wise, how we can use it to progress your career, aspects for you to contemplate, work on or build. Usually a phone conversation about 30 - 45 minutes in duration.

An initial draft of your resume is prepared factoring in our conversation and your profile results. We do indepth research into the specific industry of interest to you, core players in that market, the role requirements broadly and specifically. That knowledge is amalgamated into our positioning of you for that role or industry sector. Equally, if you wish to make a career change or industry change. This takes between 3-4 hours.

We present this initial document to you to make any necessary changes or add further clarity. At this stage you can decide whether you require a Cover Letter for a specific role or a general cover letter which you can modify as needed. This is incorporated with our service and not billed separately as other resume preparation companies do.

We proceed to finalisation of your document, using our eye for detail, experience in knowing the most suitable resume format for different levels of seniority and craft your final masterpiece presented to you in a format of your choice. Approximately 3 - 4 hours.

Your resume belongs to you and we respect your privacy. Your resume will not be used in any other capacity. Should you resume be suitable for a specific role within out remit at any point in time, we will discuss this with you first and your resume will not be available for positions unless you provide your express permission for this to occur.